SAKRETE Non-Shrink Grout | Grouts

SAKRETE Non-Shrink Grout is a pre-packaged, general purpose, pumpable, cementitious grout. This product is a cement-based, non-metallic, non-shrink grout. It contains Portland cement, silica fume, along with well-graded, natural, …

Хүйтэн асфальт | Gana International LLC

Хүйтэн асфальтыг авто замын засварын ажилд хэрэглэх аргачлал: Perma Patch нэмэлттэй битумыг жилийн 4 улиралд ашиглаж болно. Уг хольцийг 110градусаас дээш халааж болохгүй. Хүйтэн улиралд хэрэглэхээс өмнө 1-3цаг тасалгааны температурт байлгаж уян налархай буюу тасалгааны температуртай адилхан болсон тохиолдолд …

Sakrete® – TCC Materials

SAKRETE ® Concrete Mortar Dissolver. Sakrete® Concrete Mortar Dissolver is a safe, environmentally-friendly liquid alternative to aggressive acid concrete removers. Use to remove cured cement, concrete, mortar or stucco from most surfaces. Available in 28 oz. bottle (BOM#120043), 1 gal. bottle (BOM#121120), and 5 gal. pail (BOM#121130).

Sakrete Concrete Mix | Concrete Mix

SAKRETE Concrete Mix is a pre-blended concrete material. It is designed for new concrete construction projects, concrete overlays, and repairs where a thickness 5 cm (2") or more is required. Open to foot traffic in approximately 24 hours. Meets or exceeds ASTM C 387 strength requirements. Read more + General purpose Ready to use; just add water.

Sakrete Products | Sika Canada

Sakrete is the original brand of dry cement mix in North America and is a leader in concrete and related building products. Founded in 1936, Sakrete offers a wide variety of products such as high strength concrete mixes, masonry mortars, stone veneer mortars, polymer sands for paving applications and much more. Sakrete was the first ...

Sakrete – US MIX Co.

Distributor of Sakrete Products in Colorado and Wyoming. US MIX manufacturers and packages Sakrete products for distribution in Colorado and Wyoming. For more information on Sakrete products including technical data sheets, safety data sheets and how-to videos, please visit their website. Go to